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Mobile SEO: find out the complete solution for mobile website

November 5, 2018

Mobile SEO Posts

The most common mobile operating system such as Android, Windows, and iOS deliver the best facility according to the web using. Millions of users you can find who use a mobile phone for accessing website these days. In 2012, the computer users for accessing website were more than mobile users. But the current study shows the users of Smartphone are much more than computer users. So, it is beneficial for a particular company to redesign the website which should be compatible with mobile platforms. This can create more organic traffic to a website as compared to the past. Only web design is not adequate for business marketing, but the Mobile SEO is an important task.

Changing the marketing strategy, making it marketing friendly using the digital platform creates more business growth opportunity. It can be possible using the Dr. SEO techniques and the other services.

You can find the Mobile SEO marketing deliver better results as compared to desktop. The desktop site might be difficult to use and view on a mobile phone. The website which is not designed for mobile use is hard to view, or the user has to zoom in the page for easy content reading. In that case, a user feels irritating and frustrating experience with accessing desktop sites on a mobile device. They usually leave the site and find a similar one which is suitable for a mobile platform. On the other hand, the mobile-friendly version of a site is readable easily and immediately usable.

A current Google update makes it necessary that a site should be mobile friendly to be potential on Mobile Search Engines. Also, the mobile-friendly website will not have a notable impact on regular search. So, this is for experiencing a mobile website to ensure the user who accesses mobile-friendly sites from mobile phones including the optimized experience.

About Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO i.e. search engine optimization is the process of making a website which is suitable for mobile devices. And also it should be suitable for viewing purpose for different mobile platforms having low bandwidth and different screen size. Instead of all the Dr. SEO techniques which apply to a desktop website, the mobile-friendly website requires extra care while designing. A website becomes mobile friendly if it has some attributes listed below.

Our mobile friendly websites have responsive designs that perform well on mobile devices as well as in desktop too. It not only makes the content consistent to use search engines but also reduces the maintenance of the sites.

The desktop sites do not appear correctly on a mobile device. But the mobile-friendly website is easy to read without having zoomed in the page. Also, the font size, layouts, color, and theme, look stunning while using it on a mobile device.

Navigation on a website through the mobile devices is easy as compared to other. These websites are compatible with small as well as big screen size. It provides buttons and links that can be maneuvered easily using fingers.

A mobile-friendly website is lightweight. That means the mobile friendly websites takes the least time to load. Also, it requires less bandwidth to load the website using the mobile network. Though the loading speed of a website is dependent on internet data delivery mobile-friendly sites are faster than desktop sites. For making the mobile-friendly sites, we will surely deliver you the desired result.

Every internet user attracts with the home page of a website. The homepage plays a vital role in connecting the visitor. What they are looking should be visible on the homepage of any website. So, the good mobile website makes sure the crucial links should be displayed on the home page of the site so that they get adequate visibility. Dr. SEO will surely help you in designing the mobile-friendly website. We include all the necessary mobile SEO services that can create massive traffic on a website to promote business.

The ranking of any website depends ultimately on how the sites are user-friendly. You can contact Dr. SEO to design a tremendous mobile-friendly site. We include crucial factors that are best to optimize mobile websites.

Optimize your site as directed by Dr. SEO for mobile devices

If your desktop site is previously optimized for search engine, then it is not tough to optimize the website for a mobile platform. Before designing the website let us know what it takes for a mobile device. We have categorized the process in three steps such as


Select the mobile configuration

Responsive web design, separate URLs, and dynamic serving are the three different mobile configurations we have categorized. You can choose from these. Each of these includes own pros and cons. The most usable search engine i.e. Google recommends responsive web design because it supports these three configurations. Let us know what these are?

Inform search engine

Make sure Bing, Google, Yahoo, and other search engines understand the mobile configuration you have selected. The most important factor is that Google must know your web page so that it can rank the site accurately. Mobile SEO plays a significant role in this process. How you inform search engine heavily depends on a mobile configuration such as dynamic serving, separate URLs and responsive design you have selected.

In case your website has responsive settings, the search engine algorithm can easily understand without informing the search engine. A website with responsive design varies with the bandwidth and the size of the screen of a device. On the other hand, if the website is dynamically configured make sure the search engine can better detect your website. Vary HTTP header is the most critical factor in a dynamically configured site. It is the most important factor which should tell the search engine because of the different content servers in mobile and desktop.

In case your website includes separate URLs then you can inform search engine by adding a particular link to divide desktop and mobile website. Though the search engine algorithm can better understand what the user wants, it is necessary to tell about the separate URL.

Avoid common mistakes

To optimize your website, Dr. SEO delivers better services. We include the entire professional who can solve any errors if it is. For customizing mobile SEO, you need to avoid some mistakes are-

Useful tools we have

Here is a list of some tools that you can use to get the best mobile-friendly website.

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