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SEO to build qualified, organic new patient traffic that converts into REAL patients!

SEO for Dentists is essential to offering numerous benefits to dental practices!

A highly- targeted SEO strategy for a Dentist can help you market your services and attract actual new patients to your dental practice by using the right demographics for your practice. Some of the SEO benefits for your dental practice are as follows:

  • Exposure to the right people based on specific keywords
  • SEO gives you a better understanding or look at your audience
  • Increases your exposure and builds trust within your community
  • You rank higher than other dentists on search engines
  • Helps you gain insight into what your audience is looking for
  • Improves your online site ranking
  • Brings you quality leads that turn into real patients
  • SEO helps you understand what your competition is doing

Paid Advertising, Paid for click leads – You already have a great optimized website ready to go, but just need more traffic and QUICK!

Pay-per-click ads can instantly bring new visitors to your website and new dental patients to your practice.

We create specialized dental-specific PPC campaigns targeting patients in your area. The result? More appointments for your practice.

Often times when potential patients are seeking a dentist or physician online they are in a hurry. This type of user is not in a position or interested in searches through website after website.

Having a good PPC campaign to capture this type of person can be a great lead source as they are not what is known as “tire-kickers”.

They want to make an appointment with a Dentist FAST.

Elements to a good PPC campaign for Dentists are:

  • Keyword Research – Identifying the right keywords based on demand
  • Campaign Organization – Structured keywords into correct demographics
  • Budgeting- Create a well-balanced and realistic budget
  • Tracking- Setting up the campaign to track all leads granularly back to the source
  • Testing- Knowing which campaign elements to test and how to properly test them, in order to get continuously improved results
  • Create powerful and relevant calls to action

A clean & professionally built website that is easy to navigate and will build trust from day 1!

We design websites for Dentists that tell your story in a clean, friendly, professional way.

Your website is your first introduction to potential patients and a way to stay connected to your current existing patients.

A well-designed dental website offers the most powerful marketing for your practice. Custom design and solid content are essential to creating patient engagement. Patient engagement is the number one driving force to creating long-lasting, returning patients.

Our custom websites are Elegant and Responsive that is easy to navigate and are designed to showcase your brand. Patients will get a feeling for who you are as a Dentist and can understand what to expect before even stepping inside your office.

Your dental website will help alleviate some patient fear or anxiety by allowing your clients to already feel that they understand and know the doctor they will be seeing.

Call us now to talk about your new dental website today.

Dental apps to Educate, Engage, Answer Questions or Set Appointments 24/7 so you never miss a lead!

Never miss an appointment or potential booking again.

Cut down your administrative costs by adding some automation to your website and onboarding the patient’s process. Truly well-designed apps for Dentists should be a priority.

The ROI is really outstanding and will not only help your practice with digital marketing functions but will increase productivity in your office as well.

Freeing up staff’s time and supporting a well-organized practice that your patients will really appreciate!

  • Online scheduling and booking plugin
  • Online bill pay
  • Virtual Assistant to answer FAQ’s
  • Online paperwork
  • Automated SMS reminders
  • Map directions

Social Media Marketing for Dentists – Let us Dominate Your Social Media

Why Does Social Media Marketing Matter For Dentists?

Creating a relationship with clients that takes a bit of their nervous edge off is a great way to utilize social media marketing. Many businesses use social media marketing to sell something.

As a Dentist, your clients already know they need your services. However fear and the unknown is often your biggest hurdle to overcome.

Social Media for Dentists allows you to make human connections that will help put your patients at ease and remind and motivate them to make their appointments.

  • SEO will help you create social media marketing plans that fit within your dental practice eco system. And if you feel you need extra help getting up and running, we offer full management as well. Keeping your Dental Practice social media efforts healthy!
  • Social Media can seem overwhelming to many Dentists and Physicians but it is a proven tool to help make meaningful connections with your patients.
  • Using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to show your lighter side or broadcast special events and offers is a tremendous tool for Dentists and allows you to create a conversation with your community that is not just one side.

So whether you feel you need direction in creating more unique social media marketing content or you need to build from the ground up the Doctors are in the house and ready to get you going.

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Your potential patients have an array of options when choosing their dentist.

We make sure your practice is at the top of their mind when you use our dental marketing services.

Dental Marketing FAQ
How to get more dental patients?

Dentists are in a unique position in regard to getting more dental patients. Not too long ago the most common way a Dentist would obtain new patients would be by referrals and word of mouth or perhaps yellow page listings. Now with the internet being the number way clients will locate a new physician it has become essential to Dentists to look to Digital Marketing. Read More

How can patient satisfaction be improved?

Understanding your patients is a great building block to making sure they are happy; their needs are being addressed and will obviously lead to better retention. Taking advantage of all the great apps out there for Dentists will also show your patients that their comfort and satisfaction is important to you. Read More

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Thank you Dr.SEO for helping us with our digital marketing strategy, from planning to execution they delivered great results, we will be working together for many years to come!

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When you choose Dr.SEO you get a wonderful, professional team with innovative ideas, awesome customer service, and exactly what you're looking for. Dr.SEO took the ideas that we had and put them perfectly on the web.

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