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Google Pay per Click (PPC)

Benefits of Google Pay per Click (PPC)

Digital marketing is the type of marketing which uses every digital platform. The technology provides us with the best virtual devices ever, such as computers, mobile phone, and tablets. Most of the businessmen prefer digital marketing instead of traditional marketing because digital platforms are more than a physical one.

Also, it needs fewer efforts in making the advertisement. So you can select the Dr. SEO agency. We can improve business visibility, make bonding with customers, trap more clients, and generate traffic to the website.

Google Pay per Click is one of the most potent forms of digital marketing. `

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What about Google pay per click?

As explained above that the Pay per click is an excellent way to increase the traffic to the website. It is the type of digital marketing in which advertiser, customer and search engine get interacted. The name PPC that is pay per click indicates that the advertiser needs to pay the required amount to the search engine. In pay per click, the internet user visits the advertisement to get some advantages. So, every click on the ad is beneficial for Google, customers, and advertiser.

Google Pay per Click is a potential investment which provides more benefits. If you have invested any amount in Google, it is for sure that you will receive double of it. It is free of cost for customers. But the benefit is that the customer gets a perfect or true result with accessing the paid advertisement. Also, the customers believe in the paid advertisement because Google advertises it. Dr. SEO can help you with these in the best manner.

PPC using Google

Google pay per click ads using the AdWords is the most popular form of digital marketing among businesses. It is partly because it offers small business owners to maintain cost. You can find various ways in which Google AdWords can help you like a large or small business owner. It takes some basic instructions to start the digital marketing about the business. For this marketing strategy, we can support you better in every instance.

How are the PPC works using Google?

PPC refers to the pay per click that means the advertiser only need to pay when the visitor clicks on the ads. The advertisement is shown in front of the internet user, and the keyword is related to the ad. How much the advertiser has to pay depends completely on how much you want to bid on selected keywords. Also, the price of the advertisement is varied with search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing charge differently for the same advertisement. The higher amount of your bid for a particular keyword, your ad will get top rank. In simple words, the PPC works by a keyword. You have some competitors in similar industries. So you have to compete with others to get your website in the top rank of the Google results. In that case, you have to bid for primary keywords. Higher amount you pay for a single keyword can help you to have your website in rank 1.

When the internet user searches anything, then the keyword related advertises he/she will see. Also, there may be some advertising websites available, but most probably the customer selects top one. This can create more traffic to the site. It will help you to convert your prospective customers to paying customers.

Various small businesspeople are willing to ask some doubts about PPC. Dr. SEO works efficiently to provide you with these services. You should consider some points that can eliminate doubts about pay per click marketing method.

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Creating goals

It includes various questions such as-

Who is targeted in this strategy?

Remember your target that you are aiming to reach the more and more prospective user. First, find the people interest as what they want to know and then Search it and create text that is relevant to the customers need. Always make sure that the content available in the advertisement is best expressing the keywords.

What outcome do you want?

Identify that what is beneficial for you or what you willing to do? Set your goal that what you want after making the advertisement in Google. Once the user clicks on your link or ad, it is redirected to the web page or landing page this quickly leads users towards this goal.

How to know the PPC campaign has succeeded?

Make sure that you have set up the measuring tool before setting up the Google pay per click campaigns. The number of users clicking on the website or link and the total number of user clicked on the site can be calculated by the measuring tool. Also, the measuring tool can indicate the number of users is clicking on the website per second.

We will provide you with different essential tools of PPC advertising, but the basic building block of pay per click marketing is a keyword. The keyword is a single letter, word or a couple of words which is used to search any digital data or information on the internet. In simple words, the keyword is a set of words which is written by the user into the search bar of Google. So, the pay per click marketing tool demands keywords to make an appropriate advertisement. So, the PPC is a complete solution of making the business or brand-friendly to the prospective user.

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The PPC includes various benefits are listed below?

Fast results

Every businessperson is looking for getting the product in a fast way. In term of advertising the business, they want the quick result. They select the marketing tools which can provide the most rapid results. So, the PPC is the fastest digital marketing that runs an advertising campaign and provides the result faster. If you have a website, then it is easy to make an account with AdWords and set up your advertisement. You are free to run these ads on Google network and start earning more and more traffic.

Also, the PPC runs over the digital platform which is a trend that is why it gives fast results. You can find billions of virtual device users this makes the PPC efficient in the term to advertise the business. It is the fastest way to reach to the higher audience in the least time. Dr. SEO can help you out in the quickest manner with the best results.

Measurable results

Another benefit of using the Google pay per click is that everything you do in a campaign should be measurable. Keep the thing in mind that you have set measurable programs related to profits, costs, click visits, views and much more. From the starting, the measurement ensures how much you have invested in marketing term and now how much you have earned. All the measurements matter in the PPC planning.

No dependencies on SEO

SEO is a search engine optimization which helps to increase the rank of a website. It is the technique to improve the traffic to the site. It uses different tools such as article writing, content writing, and link posting and much more to make the website popular. More the website is popular in user beneficial for business. It offers business owner to make strong bonding with prospective customers. But, the PPC digital marketing offers organic advertisement as well as brand or business promotion.

In PPC marketing strategy, the user only has to click on the paid advertisement; it redirected to the website. Hence, it grows the number of user on a particular website.

Reach the right users

When running a PPC strategy, you choose when and where your ads will appear. It is based on some factors including location, website, keywords, time, date, device and much more. The flexibility offers to segment your business and bring your brand and services in front of the right customer or prospective customer. And we have some of the best ways to do this for you. Due to various offers your potential customer will retain but attracting the prospective customers is difficult. In that case, we can better support you in making the PPC strategy. We include vast experience in building the digital marketing strategy.

Take benefits of business opportunities

Consider that you have a notable competitor in business in a similar industry. Let’s say that you are selling special packages. On the other hand, your main competitor is offline due to technical difficulties. This is a great opportunity for you to trap their customer with making potential Google pay per click campaign. This can easily trap the prospective angry customers and provide them with another option. This is only possible when you make the PPC campaign. It is said above that PPC is the fastest form of digital marketing to reach the customer.

Also, it is a reliable form of marketing in which customer trust a lot. If they believe in search engine results, then surely they trust on PPC campaign. Hence, we will take you to experience PPC strategy to get your desired result.

Brand recognition­­

The PPC marketing is based on the keyword research. You have to select the keyword to make the PPC advertisement. When customer or internet user search keywords, your ad will continuously visible to them. General keywords will not generate extra sales. Indirectly, they are helpful to make visible your brand and establish your business and increase their popularity. Most trended keyword you can use while specifies the brand, business or product. It will increase brands awareness to the public. Dr. SEO can bring a lot of brand recognition with some of the best methods.

Provide a platform for local customers

PPC is an effective working marketing strategy for local searches also. People search any keywords in search engine which is related to your services or brand. So, they regularly see your advertisement and click on it. They have to follow some instructions on how to get store address. About 75% of people willing to visit store searched in Google. Instead of another way to get services or buy products. If your ad is not visible then, the most probability they click on competitor’s advertisement. That means you have lost your customer. We have some of the best suggestions for you to do this.


When it comes to pay-per-click campaign, there is no budget restriction. It is previously defined that everything is measurable such as some customers, clicks, visits, earn, investment, and much more. So, you have spent money in a bid for keywords is measurable and you will surely get benefits after placing an advertisement on Google. If the keyword is expensive, then it is using so many times that is useful in making PPC strategy. It is safe to invest your money until you get your maximum ROI.


Too for testing marketing strategy

It offers advertiser to know about customer’s interest. What product headline and ad copy will perform better in a PPC campaign can be analyzed easily? It is sufficient then ok, otherwise, need to set up separate ads in a Google Adwords campaign. Use these ads for a couple of days online and analyze the result. The ad with the highest click-through rate has the most attractive ad’s copy for users.

High functionality and reporting

Business marketing with the right tools makes you popular in the industry. Instead of it, using the wrong tools is similar to swim in a sea with closing ears and eyes. PPC is the marketing platform which includes various tools i.e. easy to exchange information, modification, collaborate with a campaign, and much more. Instant result, measurement and analyzing time and date are also the perfect features in the PPC campaign. It may be said, the Google pay per click marketing tool is the best one.

These all features and benefits will be beneficial to analyze about Google pay per click. It is not only for marketing purpose but also helps businessman to have the business opportunity and compete with others. All necessary marketing tools are available with Dr. SEO, and you don’t need to make extra efforts in making your business popular. Also, the search engine marketing is trusted one among the prospective users or customers.

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