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AdWords Search Ads

If you are a marketer and have not considered using AdWords in your campaign, then it is time you gave it a thought. Many people are not familiar with this strategy, and that is why Dr. SEO found in relevant to share ideas about the same.

You will agree that the common procedures of getting access to the market online are taken up by everyone, and it will be important to handle things differently.

The good news is that by the end of this article, you will have a deeper insight into AdWords search ads and how you can actually implement the strategy into your business.

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What are text ads?

These are ads that show on a result page of a Google search. They are usually placed at the top and the bottom of the results page. It is considered the simplest form of online ads offered by AdWords.

They are made up of three parts: a headline, a display URL, and a description text. Since they are only brief and precise, there is a need to maximize the opportunity and include as much information as possible – only the relevant info.

The headline

This is the most important part of AdWords search ads. To get the most out of it, you should include keywords that potential clients might use when searching for your services on search engines. The headline is divided into two, and the characters should not be more than 30.


Should an interested party find the need to look for more information about your services, they can use your domain URL to do that. They are green in color.


This is the section of the AdWords search ads that allows you to give a precise detail about the products and services you offer. You will want to include a call-to-action in this part of the ad to give your customers the push to take the big step.

What is the best way to set up your AdWords account?

You want to be sure that you are doing everything right that your campaign will bear fruits. For this reason, you have to make sure that your strategy can, and will work for your business and be able to convert as much traffic on the Google result pages as possible.

Dr. SEO has a setup structure that can benefit your business. Our experts have tried them for various businesses, and the results can speak for themselves. You will not only learn how to set up and structure the AdWords but also manage your campaign and ad groups.

While at it, ensure that you keep an eye on what is going on your competitor’s to figure out how to outperform them. So what can you do to ensure success?

Choose effective keywords

The fact about the relevance of the keywords in marketing cannot be stressed enough. You need to have measures in place to research and plan in the use of keywords. Online marketing almost entirely depends on the targeted keyword you use and how you use them. It has everything to do with your online visibility and will, in turn, affect your traffic and conversion rates. Also, you will have the edge over your competition if you use the right keywords in your campaign.

A feature that will make your use of AdWords search ads easier is the Keyword Planner. This is a free tool on AdWords that handles the task of finding the right keywords for you. As a result, your ads will be optimized for the search engines and will be easily found when searched.

Use the correct landing page

Having the right content in your ad with the relevant keywords is not enough for the success of your ad campaign, according to our experts. You have to choose the correct landing page too. The effect this has is more than you might expect and will determine the number of conversions you get. You don’t want your audience to miss whatever they were looking for or have a hard time finding it on the page they open after clicking on the link. The chances are high that they will not spend more time looking but will find a more convenient seller with the best landing page.

Manage your bids

It is common for newbies to waste a lot of money bidding. The budgeting you use should be well stipulated and organized. That is where you need assistance, the kind you can get from our team of experts. Placing the wrong bids will only lead to losses instead of well-sought success. Having the right strategy here is fundamental.

Consider remarketing

While many people have underrated the use of remarketing as a strategy for targeting customers, you will find out that you can read a lot from it. After people have visited your website and seem to have forgotten about your offers or would like to bring their attention to another one of your services, you could share AdWords search ads with them using Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA), or connect via email. Better yet, the new Customer Match feature gives you the ability to get in touch with your clients using an email list.

Make use of the available tools

There is no reason why you should burden yourself with a lot of work when you can make use of tools in AdWords. Such include reporting tools and scripts. The good thing with the tools is that you will have to sit back and have your campaign running. To get such a control, you only need to use JavaScript to automate a lot of operations and common procedures. This will also help you to interact with the other external data.

To conclude with, getting your campaign in order by using the right strategy for AdWords search ads will contribute to the overall success of your online marketing.

The idea here is to get as many conversions as possible from the traffic that clicks on your URL, and the strategies outlined above can help you with that.

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