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AdWords Video Ads

You probably have noticed the declining effect of traditional marketing strategies. This can be attributed to the competition for the keywords which has seen an increase in the cost of running the AdWords campaign.

But that should not imply that all is done. It will be smart to find other ways of marketing that correspond to the changing trends. One such useful technique as advised by experts at Dr. SEO includes the use of AdWords video ads.

The good thing about this strategy is that not all marketers are aware of its existence and before they do, you will have made it big and your primary source of traffic and conversion. Such an opportunity is worth considering, and with the less competition there, you will be sure to get cheaper terms for running your campaign.

Video marketing

A quick overview

Before delving into much about the topic, it will be to ensure that everyone is on the same page by defining what it entails. AdWords video ads allow a marketer to display video ads in the result page of YouTube or before, during and after a video on the platform or Google Display Network. One feature worth noting is that demographic targeting is possible with video ads unlike in other similar campaigns.

This feature allows you to target a particular group of people, the one you know is the right audience for your products and services. Moreover, you get the basic targeting options for gender, age, and preferences, adding to the convenience of reaching to the group of people you deem right for your advertisement.

The three types of video ads

To ensure that you are doing everything in the right manner, you need to understand the various types of video ads. According to our experts, using the right type of ad, at the right time will yield more traffic and conversions than would otherwise be the case. With TrueView videos from Google, you only pay for the services after it has been watched by a client.

What is more?

You get relevant information about the viewers’ geographic location, who they are and whether your ads are being watched.

You should be able to fully interpret such information and use it to your advantage – to focus on the keyword and the targeted audience. However, if such a task sound more of rocket science to you, you have no reason to worry since experts at Dr. SEO can handle that for you. You will be advised effectively to up your conversions and therefore your sales.

So what are the main types of video ads you can consider for your AdWords video ads campaign? You can try all the formats and pick the one that works best for your product line.

In-stream videos

These ads are one of the common and play at the beginning, middle or end of partner videos on YouTube. A user is considered a partner of YouTube if they allow video ads to be attached to their video and make money while at it. The ads can be skipped after 5 seconds, and the marketer will be charged once the entire video is viewed.

In-search videos

These ads are only displayed, but not played, on the search results page after a user on YouTube uses specific keywords. It will only play if the user chooses to click on them. For the marketer, you are only charged if the user clicks to watch the ad.

In-display videos

The last type of AdWords video ads is in-display ads. They are the ads that appear next to other videos on YouTube and are labeled as an advertisement. You will only pay for it if a user clicks to watch the ad.

What are the tips for creating video ads?

Make them short

There is no denying the fact that humans get bored easily and as such, only the short videos will be watched. This is especially the case for the in-stream ads where the viewer has an option of skipping the ad and go to the video they selected. If you can maximize the 5 seconds before they skip the ad, you can be sure that you will have passed the message.

Use targeted keywords in your ads

It is critical to present the right content for your audience if you are to remain relevant. You want to ensure that your targeted audience gets the message and you can do this by ensuring that you use the specific keywords. No one is going to pay attention if the ad is not relevant to them. Start by creating a unique video ad that uses researched keywords.

Be purposeful in your messaging

Before you create the ad and post it on YouTube, you should have a clear definition of who your audience is and what they are interested in. The last thing you want is to spend time and resources creating a video that will not be relevant for your audience. Also, the landing page for the link you provide should be relevant to the topic at hand – according to the message in the video ad. Don’t just take people to your homepage yet the ads talked about discounted sales. This will hurt your conversion rate.

Consider testimonials

You will be amazed by the power testimonials have instead of just talking about the product line you deal in and the services you offer. Many people will be attracted to try your stuff if they get it from someone who has already used the services and achieved the same results explained in the ad. It’ll carry more weight if another person recommends the services.

Video is king

It is evident that video is taking over the web and if you know how to use this innovation as a marketer, your rate of conversion will never be the same.

AdWords video ads are an important tool in marketing, and our team can help you get an in-depth understanding of how to use it to make it big on the internet. Just follow the tips listed above, and you will be on your way to success.

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