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In today’s world, 80% of web users run an online background search of a company before seeking its services. For any business owner, the last thing you want to happen is to witness potential clients run away because of inaccurate information about your company. The truth is; negative information can tarnish your reputation and risk erasing the good name your firm might have built over several years. That makes dealing with negative publicity such a vital aspect.

At Dr. SEO, we offer out of the ordinary online reputation management services. This way, we are able to ensure your firm remains on top of the game.


Fix PR Disasters and Manage Calamities

Online reputation management comes handy when it comes fixing public relations disasters or even preventing them from happening. Through an effective strategy, you can protect the integrity of your company amidst crisis. The services also seek to restore clients’ trust after the issue has been dealt with. If carried out in the right way, ORM can have a significant impact on the success of your business. What many businesses tend to assume is that this service is all about improving search results. At Dr. SEO, we understand that it stretches deeper than that.

Perfectly strategized ORM has ways adding value to your brand. The visibility of your brand will no longer be threatened. Nothing hurts a brand like the misuse of its identity. Our services seek to protect your image, reputation and ensure no one misappropriates your brand’s identity.

What does online reputation management entail?

Reputation management is a comprehensive package that covers more than just crisis control. When you approach us for this service, our experts will use several strategies in analyzing, protecting and restoring the image of your company.

So how exactly will we achieve this?
Which major strategies are worth focusing on?

  1. SEO Management

SEO strategies seek to enhance the ranking of your company’s website on search engines. As part of our reputation management services, we will ensure that potential consumers searching for terms related to your business find you first. By being able to grace the top pages, your company will gain exposure to more customers, thereby putting you in a better place. That is not all about search engine optimization, however.

Through SEO, it is possible to put more emphasis on positive online content regarding your company even as we push away negative news to the farthest corners of the internet. In the case of unfavorable content about your company, our team will come in with positive, truthful content that seeks to shed more light on the achievements of the firm. By generating accurate, positive content about your organization or company, we will ensure that web users searching for your brand and services get positive information about your company.

  1. Content Management and Development

Ranking higher in search engines isn’t just about the reputation of a company. There is a need for high-quality, engaging content. Nothing feels better than visiting a site that has everything you were looking for. It will save you time and ensure you have a relaxed experience. Every business owner who wants to succeed in digital marketing must, therefore, invest extensively in content marketing. In our endeavor to make your company stay ahead of the game, we will not only advise you on the type of content you should focus on but also go ahead to help you with content creation.

When it comes to content management, there is a need to strike a balance between regular blogs and web content. If you started on the wrong footing, we could enhance the existing content even as we engage our talented writers in generating informative and relevant content about the company and the industry at large. Search engines love new materials. Regular update of such content puts you in favor with search engines. At the end of the day, we do not just want potential customers to see positive information regarding your firm. There is a need for them to find relevant and reliable content from your site. There is no better way of commanding respect among your readers and earning loyalty amongst the customers than this. Ultimately, you will add more credibility and refined reputation to your long list of achievements.

  1. Website Monitoring

As a brand, you are probably in a position to manage your website. However, business sites are prone to external threats. Malicious activities resulting from such threats might ruin the reputation of your business. At the mention of external threats, many people only think of hackers and industry rivals. Well, at times it comes from sources we mostly underestimate. Unsatisfied customers might seek to damage your reputation as a way of expressing their dissatisfaction. Yet again, nothing can stop a former employee who left on bad terms from starting a blog to defame your company. Such contents are aimed at spreading false information regarding your entity.

In the past, giant enterprises have fallen victims due to negative reviews featured on renowned sites such as Yelp and GlassDoor. Other people have gone to the extreme ends of creating websites aimed at disparaging particular companies. When laying out ORM strategies, we take into consideration such aspects. It makes it easier for us to prevent such occurrences and tackle them appropriately in case they happen. Our services include combing through the internet looking for such content. We take a keen interest in what people say about your company and how it affects your brand identity.

  1. Management of Social Media

Today, the world is a global village. You have definitely heard of that a couple too many times. Through platforms such as social media, interactions between businesses and clients based across the world have been possible. While social media is a critical tool for brand promotion, it is also true that many brands have gone down the drains due to bad publicity on social media. A simple, inappropriate picture or comment from a company’s site is enough to ignite a PR nightmare. No company wishes to find itself in such compromising situations. In case such things happen. However, you can always take advantage of reputation management services to bail you out.

Our social media management team will ensure all the social media networks your company is engaged in are cleaned up to reflect your business. There is a need for consistency when it comes to relaying information on other marketing platforms and on social media. Any discrepancies might have serious ramifications on the reputation of your company. Our team will work alongside qualified and highly experienced professionals to ensure your social media profiles reflect the values and goals of your brand.

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Is there a need for ORM Services?

For someone who hasn’t been in the corporate arena long enough, it is so easy to dismiss the need for through online reputation management services. Isn’t that something I can easily handle on my own? Such thoughts might have crossed your mind. At Dr. SEO, we know and understand. Over the years, we have witnessed several companies rise to greater heights because of great ORM services. That is why we keep on reminding our potential customers the need for well-structured ORM services.  So what do we believe our customers need to know?

Protection against business attack

Getting a stream of consumers to believe in you doesn’t happen overnight. In most cases, building a solid business reputation might take you years, or even decades. However, it only takes a single negative review or false information about your company to destroy what you have toiled for over the years. Through ORM services, you can protect your company against such threats. The main of this service is to prevent irreparable damages that might cost your firm or organization its unwavering reputation. One of the ways in which we handle this service is by establishing an uncorrupted zone of positive media that will seek to protect your firm against possible damages.

Gain exposure the easier way

Have you just launched a start-up? You can gain so much from ORM services. Most people tend to assume that reputation management services are just for established companies that have so much to lose in case of a PR disaster. That is where they go wrong. In the beginning, startups have so much in their hands. That means every minute counts. It might prove challenging managing the identity of your brand and protecting its reputation at the same time. If you find it difficult, you can always benefit from our services.

Restore trust in the midst of a crisis

Probably, your online presence has already suffered intense damage, and the prevention team can do nearly nothing to bail you out. It is not the end. Our experts also find ways to resolve damages that might have resulted from negative situations. Using an array of strategies, we can actually help to restore your great name when things go the unexpected way. We boast of proven crisis management strategies that will ensure the hard work and dedication you have put in building your brand do not go to waste.

You can always contact our team to answer any questions regarding this service!

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