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What is AdWords App ads?

April 17, 2019

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You just cannot overlook the fact that the majority of the population today spend a lot of time on their mobile device than they do on the desktops. And as a marketer, this should be enough to ring a bell. One that alerts you of a potential market for your products – a place to showcase your services and products. AdWords app ads are the next big thing and to be on the right side of the line, you will want to associate with the right strategists and planners in the industry.

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Since the operation of mobile devices almost entirely depends on the use of applications, they present the best places to show your apps. The number of users who spend time in the various app stores is in billions per month, a figure big enough to make you consider this move, don’t you think? The good thing is that with AdWords, your work is reduced multiple folds. You will only require to specify your preferences and sit back and see your campaign soar.

Bear in mind

Google enables you to show your ads in mobile apps through either the Display Network or the Search Network with Display Select. The right choice of the manner with which you want to do this will mainly depend on what works for you. Ensure you have a plan for your campaign to understand exactly what you need so that you settle for the right stuff.

Targeting Applications

You can target applications through the Display Network using your AdWords account. When creating your campaign, you can select the “All feature” option, which is the default and all the ads in your Search Network with Display Select and those in your Display Network will be shown in the mobile apps. Moreover, your specific ads will be eligible to show in the mobile apps that match your target – on the placement, you specified in your campaign. Our technicians can help you when creating the campaign to ensure you get the apps right.

Another thing you can do when looking to utilize the features for your AdWords app ads is to keep track and monitor your placements. This way, you can tell if your campaign is doing well or whether it is not economical. Depending on what you find out, our experts can recommend the right way forward. The best thing to do might be to consider a mobile-only campaign for your advertisement. You will also be able to see the apps and the websites that display your ads.

Reaching specific apps

You can also reach specific applications and a category of the same. Creating a Display Network campaign is simple and straightforward for AdWords app ads. You will start by clicking on the + campaign button and select the Display Network only from your account. After that, select the No marketing objective option followed by Ads in mobile apps. You can then decide on the devices you want to have your ads displayed, and the languages and locations. Set your budget and click on save and continue.

When looking to have your ads in specific ads, you will have to choose those apps under the Mobile app placements category. You have to choose at least one ad placement to have your ads live in mobile apps. You can have them in all available apps in the various app stores, in specified apps, or in a category of applications. Your campaign can be narrowed further to target a defined gender, interest or even age. The choice is yours.

Select the ideal format for your mobile ads

Another thing you need to get it right when looking to make use of the potential of the AdWords app ads is the form you will use. This will depend on your strategy. For instance, is you are trying to get people to visit your site and increase your conversions you could choose to use texts and the images within which you could share a link to your site. The other ways in which your ads could appear, include app promotion ads and HTML 5 ads.

Advertise effectively with AdWords

When you think that Google has done enough to make stuff easy for marketers, they come again with more features that make advertising even more efficient. The good thing is that we have mastered these features and will help you to understand how to go on with it and make it big in your campaign. As mentioned earlier, with most people spending more time on their mobile devices, they are usually on the applications.

The following are some of the features that Google added to the AdWords app ads:

Targeting depending on frequency of use

You probably understand that traffic is one of the important things in marketing and with the ability to determine the application that is frequently used, you can be sure that your ads will have many eyes on them. Better yet, you will be in a position to add your ads on the apps that are used by the relevant audience.

Direct traffic from your TrueView ads

Since many users prefer the TrueView ads on YouTube compared to the other forms, you can direct those watching your ads there to your app install quickly, thanks to Google. This is beneficial for the businesses that are trying to get as many people as possible to install and use their apps. Their traffic from YouTube will be able to install the apps directly with a click instead of being directed to a landing page first.

Deep linking

Another feature worth mentioning is that you can now share a link that links your targeted audience to specific pages, other than the download pages. This is a great boost to your AdWords app ads since you want to ensure that you provide relevant information to your potential conversions to make sure that they understand what they are downloading. You will be able to reach the traffic with precise and informative content.

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