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Conversion Optimization

Many website owners can attest to this – you have all strategies in place for customers’ acquisition as well as selling great products, but you are just not making sales. It gets even worse when you check the statistics of visitors on your website coming and leaving. But this doesn’t have to be the case. […]

September 29, 2019

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Many website owners can attest to this – you have all strategies in place for customers’ acquisition as well as selling great products, but you are just not making sales. It gets even worse when you check the statistics of visitors on your website coming and leaving. But this doesn’t have to be the case. It is just a clear wake-up call to take matters conversion optimization more seriously than before. That is where Dr. SEO comes in. Our technicians have years of experience in the management of websites and the optimization of conversions.

Conversion rate optimization is something every business looking to get the most out of the huge market online should focus on. But knowing what you need is not enough – you need the right services to ensure just that. You will want to stay clear of the everyday advice and get one from experienced experts like the ones at Dr. SEO to make it big. What many people know is not what smart marketers go for; they want something unique – something better – to stay ahead of everyone else.

Start getting more conversions

You may be wondering how some website owners are getting so much traffic and converting them at the same, but the fact is that it’s not rocket science. You only need to have the right technicians by your side. Taking the next step in ensuring that you get the maximum number of conversions with regards to the number of visitors is crucial. The following are some of the tips our experts recommend to effect changes fast.

Analyze the CRO strategy used by competitors

There is no denying that your competition is doing something more if they are making more sales than you are. There is possibly something on their website that enables them to trap all the fish and leave a few if not none for you. They must have taken the time to understand and come up with conversion optimization strategies from which they are reaping a lot.

While you can choose to do stuff your way, which is not bearing fruits from the statistics, you could decide to keep an eye on the competitor’s website on a regular basis. You want to capture what they are doing differently and how they are doing it. You will want to get the picture they have in mind in the optimization of conversations. With the insight and ideas, you can approach technicians at Dr. SEO with suggestions although the chances are that we’ll get you something better.

Try multiple-step forms

While it might be true that keeping the forms on your website short and precise might be a good thing for attracting conversions, there is a high chance that you are mistaken. This is especially true if you have tried using the short ones for a while now and have seen no significant change. It won’t break a bone to test the waters with forms containing multiple steps. Matter of fact, the visitors on your site, might feel compelled to finish the process of filling the forms if they include simple steps.

Make no mistake; it is not a given that the multiple-step forms will be as useful for your conversion optimization as it will from another website. That is why the keyword here is trying. With adequate testing, you will understand what works best for your audience and capitalize on it.

Call for action, now

Another strategy you should consider implementing is instilling the need for urgency. What does this mean? You should aim at giving your audience a push to click on that button and make purchases now. For example, you could promise something like a discount if the purchase is made within a specified period. This strategy is used by Amazon, where they promise free shipping should one make a purchase within a given duration. The point here is to get people to act fast not to miss something else.

Make use of the heat map tool

Maybe what you have to use to change your story has been at your disposal all along, but you somehow failed to recognize. Mouse tracking or the heat map tool can be so handy in understanding the areas of your landing page where visitors camp. With this data, you are in possession of so much and your adaptation will determine your success. Perhaps the very button that you have worked so hard to make visible contributes nothing to your conversion optimization.

Logic, here, follows that you should place your button close to the places where most eyes go on the landing page and try to declutter by removing the stuff that gets the least attention. With this, according to experts at Dr. SEO, you will see the difference.

Use keywords in the pages with the call-to-action

The fundamental factor to conversion optimization is getting the right traffic to your website. Only then will you be able to make sales, and the first primary step to doing this is using targeted keywords. The last thing you want is to have visitors looking for a particular thing, and they land on a page talking about something else. The will more certainly be annoyed and not spend anything more than a few seconds on the page.

Now that is a wrong strategy and success calls for a change. Use the support keywords somewhere in your content and when you do that, ensure that your call-to-action is not out of sight. You will also be doing zero work if you get people on your landing page but cannot find the button to click on.

Bringing it all together

While you aim at conversion optimization, you should also pay attention to building the trust of your audience for them to subscribe, and make purchases. Assure them of their security and privacy, and you will see a change. Dr. SEO has managed to assist many websites in optimizing their conversions using simple and proven techniques that have yielded results. You will want to get in touch with us to learn more and get those visitors staying and coming back for more.

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