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Bad links removal

March 26, 2019

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Linking one website to another is a common practice in SEO. It is an approach used by mid-sized and large corporations as a way of increasing traffic to their websites. The existence of links pointing to a website increases the likelihood of a rise in website ranking in search engine results. This acts as a tool to promote brand awareness. However, some links are harmful to your website in that they provide irrelevant or no information at all. In this case, it calls for bad links removal. Failure to do so might hurt your business. Our Dr. SEO experts understand this too well.

Why are links so important to your website?

Relationships building

Links enhance access to websites in your industry. Clients can easily access relevant products sold by different companies in an easier way. This will help you create a strong relationship with influencers of the industry. This is by itself an essential attribute as it ensures real advocates to your business.

Referral traffic sending

A good link from a frequented site can lead to increase in traffic as well. If the traffic is from a website in your industry, the chances are that the increase in traffic to your website will subsequently lead to increased sales.

Brand building

Good links are essential to your business as you develop your brand and settle in a particular niche. At Dr. SEO, years of experience have shown us that when you publish relevant material, you tend to gain essential relevance in the industry. You can easily show your expertise by putting efforts in getting good links to your website.

Why should you seek bad link removal services?

Harm your reputation

Bad links may affect the reputation clients had previously developed towards your business. If you publish material with bad links, probably email a newsletter with bad links, your clients will start eyeing your business in a negative way. Consumers forgive bad links initially but it won’t go on for long. Remember that when you delete pages and posts or alter the URLS shared to your website without redirecting the links, you will be hurting your business.

Bad links will have negative effects on search engine rankings

People bookmark and save links they feel they might need again. Imagine their feeling if they come back and find that the link is not working anymore. Won’t this affect the search engine’s reputation? Search engines are concerned with providing their users with most relevant and useful information possible. Providing bad links goes against this.

Cost you PageRank

The PageRank formula puts it clear that any equity spent on external pages is a lost opportunity that should have been utilized by an internal page. Having bad links associated with your website triggers disappointment to clients who turn to other sites that offer the same products or services like yours. You would not want this for your business; trust me.

Getting penalized by the search engine companies

Search engines may take action against your website due to the existence of bad links. There are mainly two types of penalties, algorithm penalty, and manual penalty.

Algorithm penalty is one that is executed by a robot. It is attracted mainly by the inability of your site living up to the expected algorithm standards. For the manual penalty, the procedure is not clearly known to anyone outside of Google. This involves an actual person penalizing your website.

Eliminating bad links; how we do it?

Having understood the need or do away with bad links, it might be an ideal time to have an idea of how exactly we deal with bad link removal at Dr. SEO. When it comes to delivering this service, we opt to take a systematic approach. Mostly, the action considered will depend on the nature of the links and the potential threats they pose.

Assess the damage

It is advisable you carry out a thorough scrutiny of the level of damage. Doing your homework properly on this eliminates the chances dealing with other causes of the damage as if it is bad links. At Dr. SEO, we have a great team with ample knowledge to assess the damage levels.


We will help you decide on the bad links that require elimination by simply giving them time. If someone might have launched multiple bad links, Google and webmasters will often spot the problem and rush to resolve it. This applies even in situations where you are the one who developed the links. If the situation is not too bad and the penalty enacted is an algorithm, with time the situation will be back to your favor as bad links fall off.

Remove them immediately

In other cases, we will remove the bad links immediately. All we need is the login credentials. The situation gets tricky if some of the bad links are actually helping you. In this situation, separating the bad links from the merely suspected one possess a tougher task.

Remove the targeted pages.

If the links target deep low-value pages, we will assist you to remove them. This can work either by removing the page completely or by redirecting the links to other relevant pages. This provides a quick and effective solution.

Set up good links

Instead of waiting for bad links to fade away, we may go for the option of developing good links that will favor you. We create relevant links that will help swing the balance to your advantage. You can either opt for internal linking or seek external links from trustworthy sources.

Considering a new domain

If everything else fails, you may consider buying a new domain where we can move your site and start all over again. This might be a costly solution, as it will lead to loss of all off-page ranking factors and inbound links. However, all the bad links previously experienced will be completely gone.

Bad links should not cost you SEO rankings.
Our experts can help you do away with them the easier way.
Simply let us know and leave us to handle the rest!

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