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Ethical link buildings: everything you should know about it!!

December 14, 2018

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Living in today’s era, where there is continues changes takes place in the technology and because of these changes every other person wants to adopt these changes. Now everything has gone online. These online businesses are said to be more profitable as compared to the traditional ones. People have started operating their business by the use of these online websites. For gaining reputation, each one is trying their level best to reach the top. But working efficiently is only not enough, especially for those who want to prove themselves best in the online world.

But it can be possible if these businesses take the help of search engine optimization, which is used to provide the sites with a higher ranking and provides with maximum targeted visitors. Ethical link building is a great approach to make your business visible in public.

In this article, we’ll talk about using ethical link building which is an approach to establishing inbound links. These links are related to our websites and help in achieving higher ranking within the primary search engines, and also helps in driving the maximum number of visitors to our site. Many people are getting confused about the meaning of the link building, they have a perception that it is the quality of inbound links which helps in gaining the rank, but it’s not the quantity, it’s about the quality.

Obtaining hyperlinks from other websites to your site is called link building. With the help of the links, we can reach the page which we want. It is the ways by which users are allowed navigating within pages. The search engines make use of the links for crawling. They can crawl each page as well as the complete website. There are various techniques for building different relationships, but they can vary in the difficulty level.

Dr. SEO treats building links as a difficult task, and they are even working on these links very efficiently so that it can perform well. It is that profitable that if you learned building these correctly, then you can get ahead of other competitors and even the SEO.

Why building these ethical links is an important task for SEO?

If you want to learn the importance of these links, then first we should discuss how to create these links, how can the search engines see them and what they can interpret from them. Let’s start with the creation of the link: –

Why are these ethical links buildings important?

You can see back in the early days when Yahoo and Alta Vista were the hottest and the most popular search engines. They were ranked on the top because of the quality of their content. But after the entry of Google all these search engines have a downfall. It has introduced a new technique that is very famous in the present situation, called the page ranking algorithm. Through this, Google can get to know that how many people are linked to the page instead of seeing only the content.

And after the introduction, until now the links are said to be the best method to know the quality of the page. This is the only reason why Google always prefer to use backlinks to get the ranking signals.

Here we can discuss some of the benefits of these link buildings:

  1. It is a strategy used by Dr. SEO and other SEOs which helps in increasing the reputation of our website. Ethical link buildings refer to the number of sites getting linked with your site. The number of sites links, the more who will gain popularity.
  2. Through these links, you can able to increase the ranking of your web page. In case if you have low inbound links that mean a decrease in the ranking of the website so that it will be a loss for you. To gain popularity related inbound links are of at most importance here. Search engines consider the link while giving you any ranking.
  3. In case your ranking increases, so there will chance arises of getting more number of links in the future. Your page ranking is of very much importance to the webmasters, and without properly checking it; they won’t provide you with links.
  4. Your ranking will depend on the page ranking of the website and how many sites are linked to your site, so try to link as many sites as possible to improve the ranking more.
  5. Link building will surely be helpful in driving significant traffic to your site. As more and more visitors see your site, there, chances arise of making them as your potential customers.
  6. When more targeted visitors get connected to your site, your brand value will increase, and the reputation will also increase among all the other marketers. It also helps in increasing the awareness of the particular brand.
  7. Our services could be a straightforward and cost-efficient method, as you can chance of advertising your site on other site and attract more number of people from there if they click the link shown on their site. This is done with no cost involved, and if require some amount can be paid for paid advertisements.
  8. They help in measuring the popularity of the website and are important for both, search engines as well as for visitors.

So with the above-stated advantages, you can find how effective these link buildings are for any marketer. But what these link buildings are meant for search engines, how they work through them, we will discuss below: –

Search engines frequently perform crawling, for extracting the content of the web page. And if they are satisfied that is the pages are of high quality then they can decide to rank it with the relevant keywords. But the sufficient quality of the web page is not determined by its content; it should also have a maximum number of links from the external trusted websites. As it is said the more the high link quality of links is attached to you, the more you are likely to get the highest ranking.

This is said to be effective because the right page with sufficient quality of content will only receive higher links and not the page with weak content. So by these search engines made their decision of ranking them.  Someone will only link to the other website if its, deserve to. Otherwise, they won’t link. So by this, the major search engines get an idea that which page is gaining more popularity, and then they rank them accordingly.

How this ethical link building proves beneficiary for the business?

As we already know the importance of ethical link building, that it helps in gaining, higher ranking. But apart from that, it has some other benefits also which can be of very much contribute to the business person and his business, like: –

It helps in building relationships, as they can be reached to different relevant websites and blogs of our company. Reaching to various websites can be taken as promoting the product or services, which we have created. It helps in building relations which last for long with taking the help of key influencers. Building good relationships can mean that your company has gained some reputation and develop a sense of faith and trust. This thing proves to be very useful for any business entity.

As we already aware of the impact of links on our rankings, but do we know their impact on referral traffic? It is said that a high-quality link can bring in more amount of traffic from a website, which gets frequently visited by everyone.  If we find that the website which is linked is relevant, then there can be chances arises of having the relevant visitors also. This will directly helpful in maximizing sales. And it also confirms the perception that links are not only SEO but also to the customers.

A proper and well-maintained link building can help you in establishing your authority in your place.  Some techniques used by Dr. SEO like a creation of content helps the company in showing people their expertise in this field. And can be very much useful in creating your brand value.  For instance, if you make content regarding the services provided by the company and posts it, then you can build up your reputation above all.  By bringing more number of people to your sites through these links, helps in increasing your expertise in this field.

What are the link building rules?

By following these rules, we can make a well-developed high-quality link,

By following the above-stated rules, we can avoid the unethical link buildings. After implementing these rules, you should be in a position to spot that whether these links are of any worth or are meant for harm. Always works with a mindset of making a contribution and make vale for others.  Stops paying for unnecessary links, and also don’t get attracted to any schemes provided for links. It can result in creating a variety of backlinks and can drop you in a penalize situation.

As you possibly know, getting a good amount of links from other websites and maximum traffic which search engines send to our site is a very tedious task. But we can also perform this task without the running of the search engines, here are some of these methods while helps in doing it.

  1. Have high-quality content: –

Good content with properly used language can rule the online world. People are always attracted towards the content which is easy to understand and make some sense of it. Always use the matter which is in high demand, what people want to read. It should be the thing which people always aspire to link with. Keep posting continuously with excellent stuff which the always desired for. Dr. SEO can provide you with some of the best services.

  1. Be consistent: –

If you are in this writing business, don’t get it only once. You have to be consistent in your working, which means after every 2-3 months you have to post a new article if you want to develop strong relations with the audience. You even have to give feedback on any other person’s link, get your social image more active and communicative.  Always avoid any spamming. Be particular about the article you posted.

  1. Writing guest posts: –

This is one of the exotic advantages provided to you are writing the guest posts. Many publishers need more and more content for their sites. So you can work for them. You can provide these publishers with new content so that they can publish it on their websites.  It helps in gaining popularity and even provides the audience about your identity, indirectly getting exposure.  Like this, you can write content for many publishers and even gain reputation in the market, as the audience who will read your content will praise your work.

  1. Submitting the articles to the directories: –

These directory links play vital roles in spreading the word about our website positively. It’s a perception that, more the number of lists on which our site will be found, more the chances of search engines trusting our site.  It sounds easy to submit your article in the director, but make sure that there are ten thousands of directories in the outer world, and no one of them is of equal value. Many of them provide with a low quality and even not SEO friendly, that is they won’t be able to get your sites in the highest rankings. So before actually submitting be sure that will these directories will help you in passing the online link to different sites or not.

  1. Social media: –

Social media are something that has occupied every individual mind. Each person nowadays is making use of these social Media. And their usage will undoubtedly increase day by day.  By the help of these sites, we can have placements of each link on every media. By applying the links on every site will prove very beneficial. As when it gets noticed by the audience and being clicked, they can reach to your particular website. Today every person makes use of these media. By providing your links on them, you can get a lot of visitors. Dr. SEO has some of the best techniques for you.

There can be some reasons that why you should build links to your website. Firstly, its help in improving the position and reputation of our sites on the search engines like Google and Yahoo. Having an extensive network of links at your site provides the search engines that your site is trustworthy and does not contain any content of useless nature.  They also help in getting attention to the relevant keywords of our site that finally results in improving the rank our site in the search engines. And finally having a vast network of links can help you in gaining popularity on other different large websites. It is a very cost effective method of driving traffic to your site without paying any amount.

Our ethical link buildings play a crucial role for any website in improving the quantity and quality of their ranking on every search engine. Sometimes people make wrong use of these links and take advantage of spamming which is also known as black hat link building. These links can manipulate the rankings of sites on the search engines through hidden text, spam, paid links, etc. So always try to avoid this unethical linking and go for ethical link building because of their high quality which helps in increasing the popularity of the website.

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