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Know some specialties and factors about WordPress Web Design

October 17, 2018

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WordPress is an open source, online website creation tool which is written in PHP programming language. Simply, it is the digital platform which offers most powerful and easiest website content managing system and the blogging. On the other hand, the WordPress is the software which can be used to create the high-quality blogs and highly functional sites.

The WordPress Web Design software is available for both premium and free at the same time. Though it started work as a quality blogging system, now it is used as a full content management system. It includes thousands of themes, widgets, and plugins. You can use as per your requirements to buy the premium or free software system.

Know 12 things about the WordPress Web Design software

Content management system

If you look into the WordPress features, you can find it is the most featured content management system. Also, it is most popular CMS system in the world. It powers high numbers of websites instead of others. The CMS system is a content management system that offers write, edit and publish content on the site. If find out the existence of WordPress services or their blogs and websites, it includes 4.5% of the internet. Hence, there is no doubt it is world’s best CMS provider. WordPress powers between 50 to 60 percent of websites which uses CMS. The study shows about 17 blogs per second published on WordPress every second. Dr. SEO can prove to be the best in this task.

High profile brand uses WordPress

Now, it does not only work for blogging but also used as WordPress Web Design. The famous and recognized websites are also made from WordPress. Some names that you know are such as CNN, Mashable, the Wall Street Journal and else. Other notable brands such MTV News, Vogue, NASA and else are using the WordPress continuously. These are most popular and visible websites. If WordPress empowered these, then it can empower any of the site available in the world, or you need to build. We offer you some of the best services in all respects.

Not just for blogging

Though the WordPress was started as the blogging system now, you could do many things in it. You are looking for making the core website for local business and create the online platform for online selling. These tasks can be done through it and still it is best for blogging. No need to scare about using it that thousands of multinational companies are using it regularly. In decades, it is fastest growing web-based software system that provides blogging managements as well as WordPress Web Design.

No need for coding

Most of the website designing include the coding knowledge. Some imperative languages used ion website designing or developing are HTML, JAVA, C++, C, and else. Also, you can use different high-level languages to design any website. But in the case of developing the website in WordPress, you don’t need to know the programming languages. In term of plugins, you can find both free and premium plugins to design the websites. Writing codes are necessary for developing a site. You can find about 45000 free plugins in the official website of WordPress store. The difference between free and premium plugins, premium provides more function instead of free. If you have knowledge of the PHP programming language, then you can customize plugins and achieve what exactly you want. Using scratch, you can build your plugin regarding websites.

Helpful for learning to develop

You can find some learning skills into the WordPress Web Design software. It’s a great tool teaches about the settling the business, including online selling sites, landing pages and else. It helps to set up themes, customize it in easy, install plugins, and make plugins if you know PHP and much more. Hence, you can save millions of money with using it and avoiding other agencies. In digital marketing, the WordPress plays an important role. Dr. SEO is the best solution in all cases.

Digital marketing requires some tool in making the website and officials to perform the task. In that case, the WP provides creating landing page, helps to publish blogs and else. It is the best way to make popular or promote your business and WP is responsible for getting your desired result. If you do not know making the website, posting blogs, optimizing themes, then you have to wait for the web developer. Instead of it, the WordPress is best to avoid waiting for a developer. It does not require huge computer skills. Minor knowledge of software offers you to get your result in easy.

Intranet sites

Before going to learn about the role of WP in intranet sites, know about intranet. An intranet is a part of the internet which is secured by a particular system. That means the internet network only used by the particular organization, and it has two faces. One is for viewing purpose only, and another one is for modification and else. Banking and railway websites are the best examples of understanding the intranet.

You can find thousands of plugins that extend the working of WordPress. Self-hosting websites secured sites and else can experience the best function if using WP. The intranet WordPress Web Design is easy with using the WP functions. No need to pay a lot of money to the programmer to develop the intranet website. Also, it provides additional features as well as plugins to intranet website.

Also available for membership sites

Installing the plugins for membership-only sites is comfortable with WP. Set up membership sites, install plugins, change themes, and add additional values to it are easy via WP. You can find both free and premium options for extra functions.

WordPress is free

WordPress is open and free web based software. You never have to pay for WP and their services. You can use WP for any websites such as intranet sites, online selling site, and else without purchasing any license. Also, thousands of free plugins and themes are available in the platform which does not demand any payment. Instead of free services, it includes some premium services regarding themes, plugins and else which require a low cost. It offers you to create your plugins and themes to get more benefits.

Job opportunities

If you know some technical; skills, like programming languages, content writing and else then you will get the respected job with WP. It is a creative organization who runs sites in WordPress. The job requirements are related to the web designing, developing and marketing trades. You will get a handsome amount as payment as an employee of WP. Some professionals are who manage multinational company’s websites. That is the best opportunity for you to join WP.

As a freelancer

As said above the WordPress has started their work as CMS, but now it provides some services. To optimize the website, you need some operation such as link building, blogging, content writing and much more. In that case, you need a freelancer services. WP skills are super valuable for marketing, blogging, SEO solutions, and else. Instead of freelancing, there are many opportunities. Dr. SEO can offer you with some of the best freelancers.

Make money with WP

The WordPress Web Design software does not help to get IT solution but offer to make money without dealing with clients. Some of the companies make millions with working on it. You can find many theme designing businesses that make themes and sell it. You also apply similar operation in making the premium plugins. You can make your future with working on it. Also, there is no interaction between clients as you have to publish your theme into the platform which is sold to the customers.

Easy to manage

The WP powered websites are easy to manage in both customer’s perspective and maintenance term. The WP community is working since 2003 and includes some technical professionals. If there is any issue, then it can be solved by professionals. There is also a premium support option available with which you get to interact with officials and solve issues. You cannot figure out own self always that you have to hire someone in most of the time. So, the WordPress Web Design is best option to get your content marketing solutions and free website for your business.

The WordPress includes a lot of facilities for business growth. It includes digital marketing tools, website developing features for basic and online sites. You should know some interesting facts about the WordPress. These are listed below-

Top blogs

As it is explained above, it includes large content management system. Hence it contains 48% of technocrat’s top 100 blogs. Also, CNN, eBay, and other multinational e-commerce companies manage their blogs via WP.

Number of websites

Including digital marketing tool, it includes about 74.6 million sites empowered by WordPress. About 50% of the websites are free in the WP, and 18.9% of the sites are self-hosted. The remaining site does not include any CMS services. That means about 30% overall websites in the internet world does not use CMS tools to promote their websites. Remaining websites may be related to the business or online selling sites, that is why they need marketing operations.

Keyword searching density

The keyword “WordPress” individually receives 450,000 matching searches every month. These keywords may WordPress, WordPress help, WordPress website design and WordPress plugins or else. After counting the quantity searches of WordPress, it is about 37 million. In 2014, 444 millions of keyword searches were calculated. We offer to provide some of the best services for you.

Translation availability

It is one of the biggest software i.e. the WordPress Web Design platform which includes about 40 languages. If you feel trouble or English is not your first language, then you can change the language. Most 40 languages which are popular in a world are available in WordPress. If your primary language is not listed then holds for tight, the professional team actively working on it.

The US domains run on WP

Considering that, about 120,000 domains are registered in worldwide per day. In every 100 domains, 22 domains are registered on the WordPress. Then 26,400 domains are registered per day in WordPress. It is the highest figure as written above but 18-19% domains continuously recorded in all the time. Therefore, it is fastest growing online platform for web developing and digital marketing solution.

Employees of WordPress

As compared to the WordPress the includes about 88,400 people who are 38,603% more than the WP employees. It is surprising but the truth, the only includes 229 professionals who are 38,603% less than This is also the reason that is why the community is looking for new developers.

Number of posts per second

You can find some online platforms which include new posts in minutes, but the WP includes six new posts in every second. Not only it is the world’s best website for blogging solution but also provides free instruments such as themes, plugins, and more that attract businessman. Secure digital marketing tool offers some posts within a second. Dr. SEO has some of the best ways to deal with these.

Pay band for its developers

It is the community which pays their employees in hour basis. It pays more than 50$ per hour to their staff who are more than other companies. The Web is developing, designing, theme and plugin making requires immense technical skills, so the developer deserves more than 50$ per hour.

Plugins availability

As calculated before, about 29,000 WordPress plugins are available in the dictionary. It is not static that it is increasing continuously. These are free plugin services provided by the platform. You can access more thousands of plugins with paying a small amount. It also offers to make premium plugins as your choice relevant to your website.

Thousand so themes

Themes are also a necessary part of WordPress Web Design. You can find more than 45,000 themes in free of cost. Also, you can access premium themes or make themes according to your website. Dr. SEO has some of the most interesting themes to work for you.

Hence, these all properties, factors or points are sufficient to understand the popularity of the WordPress Web Design platform. We can help you to make secure websites as well as basic sites. The intranet sites and online selling sites are in a trend which can be made by WordPress in free of cost. Adding additional features to websites demands small payment.

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