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October 23, 2018

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The role of the landing pages in any digital marketing strategy cannot be overemphasized. With a fantastic landing page, you can be sure of improved traffic and increased conversions. So how do you end up with great landing pages? That is the big question. In the past, many businesses have cried after involving the inexperienced team in landing pages design. You do not want to make the same mistake. At Dr. SEO, we understand how disappointing it can be having a website with poor landing pages. That is why we take closer considerations in our design work.

It’s all you need

According to a recent survey, businesses with 30-35 businesses have 7 times the number of leads compared to those without. Yet again, 68% of B2B businesses take advantage of landing pages in the generation of new sales leads. This seeks to prove one thing; there is a need for beautiful landing pages.

Fantastic land pages serve as ideal destinations and not stop over spots like other pages. No one wants his site to a stopover point people only pass by when proceeding to rival sites. Instead, every person wants to own a site that captures and holds the attention of web visitors. Once that is achieved, you will have an easier time converting such traffic into lead sales. It all starts by targeting particular landing pages. When you involve our team, we will handle every aspect strategically. For more than ten years, we have created landing pages for hundreds of companies. Having attained higher client satisfaction rates in the past, you can only expect us to do better. Here, it isn’t just a matter of designing landing pages and walking away. Our team will write and design the codes before launching and setting them ablaze for you!

Why our services?

You might have asked yourself, with so many SEO firms offering landing pages design services, why would you choose our team? Well, we understand your concerns. At Dr. SEO, we make a significant difference when it comes to web design services. We do it differently from our competitors. For one, we save you time. Wading through dozens of proposals trying to look for the best team can be a daunting task. We will save you the trouble. Learning the design on your own is even more hectic. If you engage our team, we will handle everything right from research to launching. We consider an exhaustive process which involves writing designing and coding. The least you can expect from such a process is perfect.

Saves you money

Digital marketing can turn out to be expensive. Those who have found themselves on the wrong side can as well confirm that. A well-designed landing page helps you save money by increasing conversions. At Dr. SEO, we understand the financial constraints that come with such arrangements. That is why we offer competitive pricing to ensure you have value for your money. Our experts guarantee perfect design of landing pages to serve you better by enhancing conversion rates. At the end of the day, the service we offer will pay for itself.

Stand out from the rest

Nearly every business now understands the essence of well-designed landing pages. That might explain why people are out to reap the most out of this service. To be able to succeed using in this, there is a need to do thing differently. You must be able to stand out from your competitors. In designing these pages, certain businesses opt to use templates. At Dr. SEO, we believe in handling everything from scratch because we understand the importance of authenticity. Each page designed by our team will be customized, specifically tailored for your brand.

A caring team

One inevitable fact is that our services are client-oriented. We seek to achieve significant results by delivering services. We understand that you need to grow your customer to expand your business model. Our team knows the significant role played by excellent landing pages in attaining this. That is why we are always keen on service delivery. We are concerned about your site generating more quality leads. The proven strategies we employ in the design process have been tested and proven in the past. Engaging us to carry out the design process is like embracing the shortcut to perfection without comprising quality.

At the heart of quality

Not all landing pages deliver satisfactory results. Those who have been in the digital marketing arena understand this too well. At Dr. SEO, we share a similar belief. Quality is at the core of the success of any digital marketing strategy. We assure our clients unmatched quality when it comes to landing pages design services. We always insist on double-checking our work before delivery.

To able to attain full client satisfaction, we believe in a collaborative policy. We involve our customers in every step by enlightening them on the progress. Before sharing the page with the public, we will have our diligent team test it. After that, we will have you test it and certify that you are satisfied. In the case of any corrections, our team will always be there to ensure issues are ironed out.

Our Proven Strategy

In essence, our landing pages design process is a simple one. We will work together with you to deliver the best landing pages in three easy steps;

Having well-designed landing pages come with several benefits. Our team knows this too well. That is why you will not stand disappointed when you involve Dr. SEO experts in your landing pages design endeavors.

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